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Wonderlab Australien

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Wonderlab® is a revolutionary beauty brand that was launched in 2017. Created by three sisters, Rachel, Kimi and Vicky, this brand has redefined traditional beauty business practices by introducing a 360-degree concept that embraces innovation, invigoration, and inspiration at every angle. The ultimate goal of Wonderlab® is to make their beauty clients not only look beautiful, but also feel beautiful. As the brand’s founders say, “We want to make people beautiful. It’s not only about what you see in the mirror. We strive to find the beauty within as well as outside.”

Wonderlab® believes that training and empowerment are key elements in the company’s growth and development. They put their team at the center of their business and create an environment that champions and rewards high performance. All staff members are trained in-house and their skills are elevated through an educational and development program that creates salon professionals that are in high demand in the industry. Wonderlab® sets the benchmark and others follow.

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